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PSBA President, Shawn McGlinchey writes Letter to the Editor for 2022 School Bus Safety Week

PSBA President, Shawn McGlinchey writes Letter to the Editor for 2022 School Bus Safety Week

During the week of October 17th, Pennsylvania joins the nation in celebration of National School Bus Safety Week. The theme for this year’s School Bus Safety Week is, "1 Bus + 1 Driver = a BIG Impact on Education" which reminds all of us of the important role school transportation professional play in the education of Pennsylvania’s future. This week is also host to Operation Safe Stop.

We’d like to take this opportunity to pay extra special attention during this time of the year when our school buses are out on their routes. Please watch for stopped buses and children crossing as they board and exit their buses. Statistics show that school buses are the safest way to transport students to and from school every day. Many factors contribute to that safety record. Today’s school buses have protective seating, high crash standards, rollover protection features, and are designed to be highly visible.

These buses are tougher, cleaner, safer, and more diligently maintained than ever before. In addition, today’s buses are staffed by a dedicated workforce of experienced drivers well trained in safety procedures. The Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) would like to take a moment to recognize Pennsylvania’s school bus drivers. We especially want to show our appreciation to our drivers for their commitment to the safety of our students during a year in which they have faced many unprecedented challenges. These “safety heroes” transport approximately 1.5 million students each day, traveling over 400 million miles a year! On the job at the crack of dawn to conduct their pre-trip inspections, your child’s school bus driver has been well schooled both in the classroom and behind the wheel. During this School Bus Safety Week, on behalf of the members of PSBA, we salute and say “thank you” to our school bus drivers and all the members of the school transportation teams for keeping our children safe each and every day.

Shawn McGlinchey President Pennsylvania School Bus Association

About PSBA: The Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) is an organization comprised of close to 300 school bus operators from across the state. Our mission is to provide our members with programs, education, and services that foster the highest degree of safety and strengthen the quality of student transportation.


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