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  • A strong voice for school transportation safety and
    the school transportation contracting industry.
    The Pennsylvania School Bus Association
    is a group of over 300 school transportation contractors
    and industry partners who have come together
    to be a strong voice for safety
    and the school transportation contracting industry.
  • Randy Smith receives the PSBA Bus Stops Here Award
    The Bus Stops Here Award is presented to
    a person the PSBA Executive Committee feels
    has made a significant contribution
    to the Association.

    Congratulations Randy!
  • Thank you to everyone who made the 2017 Safety Competition a success!
    Visit the Safety Competition page under Education & Events
    to see the top scores!

    Pictured to the right are the contestants who competed
    in Nationals.
    Left to right: Tedd Dubbs, Cheryl Vogelsang,
    Larry Hannon, Sr., and Shanon O'Brien

    Two drivers from each division can go on to Nationals.
    They are the top scoring private contractor and
    school district drivers.
  • School's open and school buses are back on the road transporting precious cargo.
    #Stop on Red!
Our Mission

We provide programs, education, and services to promote and foster the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children and strengthen the quality of student transportation through professional management. PSBA works with many Pennsylvania organizations and government agencies to advance the mission and accomplish the goals of the membership.


Associate Member Directory

The Pennsylvania School Bus Association is supported by many companies that provide services and products to the school bus transportation industry.

The next time you are in need, first check out the list of PSBA Associate Members.


Join PSBA!

PSBA offers two types of membership opportunities. Our Contractor Membership is available to any private contractor who contracts with school districts for pupil transportation. Our Associate Membership is open to any individual, partnership, corporation, or other business entity which engages in a business that services the school bus industry or which is affiliated with such services. Find out more about the benefits of a PSBA membership!


Exceptional Learners Transportation

The transportation of students with special needs requires extra care and attention by school bus contractors and their drivers. PSBA provides its members with the latest information on federal and state requirements as well as access to best practices for transporting these students. The PSBA Exceptional Learners Committee monitors special needs transportation issues and develops resources for PSBA members. 


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