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Ed Allandar and Larry Althouse Receive the PSBA Bus Stops Here Award

Ed Allandar and Larry Althouse Receive the PSBA Bus Stops Here Award

Ed Allandar, VP After Sales Support - Parts – Service for Rohrer, was presented with the 2022 PSBA Bus Stops Here Award, at the PSBA Annual Convention and Trade Show held in Champion, PA from June 26 to June 28, 2022.
The Bus Stops Here Award is presented to a person the PSBA Executive Committee feels has made a significant contribution to the Pennsylvania School Bus Association. This person has always upheld the ideals of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association and has worked to fulfill the safety, education and advocacy missions of the association. Upon nomination the Executive Committee affirms that the nominee is respected and held out as a role model within their peers, school administration, and members of the community, and has upheld the core values of the Association and meaningfully contributed to its mission.

“Ed has dedicated his entire working life to the Pennsylvania school bus industry. His expertise has been widely recognized among various organizations throughout the state and he has represented the PA school bus industry on numerous occasions at the Federal level. Ed formally retired at the end of 2021. Ed's dedication and contribution to the industry deserve to be recognized and this award is a perfect way to do so.” – David Schrantz, Rohrer, PSBA 2nd Vice President

In an unprecedented turn of events, during the 2022 PSBA Annual Banquet on June, 27, 2022, it was announced that a second Bus Stops Here Award was being presented. The deserving nominee was selected in 2020 to receive this prestigious award, but with the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Convention, it was never awarded.

Larry Althouse, President of Althouse Transportation, received the 2020 PSBA Bus Stops Here Award, at the PSBA Annual Convention and Trade Show held in Champion, PA from June 26 to June 28, 2022.

“When we think of a person who upholds the safety, education and advocacy mission of PSBA, we always think of Larry. Larry has been a PSBA member for a long time and has always represented our association in a positive, professional and caring manner. In fact, his strength of character and compassion for others is very genuine; such a nice disposition in today’s “all about me” world.
We know that Larry is extremely involved in his immediate community and will do what it takes to ensure that his business is working towards providing safe transportation to all. Larry is also a well-respected

member of PSBA. One can always pick up the phone and reach out to Larry for advice, conversation and knowledge.
Larry is readily available to help at the Safety Competition; supports PSBA events; assists in Harrisburg if needed; continues to be very active with quarterly meetings and the annual convention. Larry is a member that is concerned about the small contractor and will challenge how a decision could impact their business.

In closing, we would like to thank the Executive Committee for considering Larry Althouse for the “Bus Stops Here Award.” Having spent many years on committees and going up through the chain of command of PSBA, he is an all-around candidate and a deserving person for this award.” – Denille Girardat-Myers, Girardat LP, PSBA Immediate Past-President
Larry is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. When I first became a board member he welcomed me with open arms, never once treating me as a stranger or newbie. He told me if I ever needed anything to just ask him and he would help. This impressed me very much as a true gentleman and a dying breed in today’s society. Larry does a lot behind the scenes to keep PSBA a viable and respected organization and never seeks public or even board recognition for anything he does to promote PSBA and the ideals which PSBA’s represents. Through personal strife, Larry has never once lost sight of his commitment to PSBA and the school bus industry. I feel Larry is more than deserving of this recognition I hope the entire PSBA board feels as I do I will nominate Larry for this much deserved the Bus Stops Here Award.” - Walter Garing, WJNJG, PSBA Board Member The Pennsylvania School Bus Association was founded in 1980 and consists of over 300 school bus contractors and industry partners who have come together to be a strong voice for school bus safety and the school bus contracting industry. If you would like more information, please contact Joe Mandrusiak, Executive Director at 717-975-1951, ext. 500 or email at


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